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Better sleep. For the good life.

There’s nothing better than bouncing out of bed feeling refreshed and eager to face the day. For most of us, this is easier said than done, and behind many a bad night of “sleep” is a bad bed to blame. If you’re not getting the best sleep of your life, consider creating a better bed: mattress, covers, pillows and all. Turns out there is something better than bounding out of bed – falling into it!

Organic Materials.

Healthy for YOU and the Planet. Better sleep starts with natural and organic materials (and a gentle massage 👍). That’s why our Sleep365 mattress and bedding collections are made from organic latex, wool and cotton - natural materials that are durable, breathable and non-toxic. You can breathe easy knowing you’re combatting climate change and supporting fair trade practices as you sleep peacefully on your new SLEEP365 mattress.

Experience + Service.

35 years in the making, over 100,000 hours of experience, thousands of happy customers and 5-star rated, SLEEP365 offers a selectively curated assortment of high quality, organic mattresses and bedding. In today’s fast paced, hectic world you need major buying decisions simplified by experts you can trust. You want quality not something cheap you’ll regret buying later. You want options not overload so you don’t feel like a dope in a drive through. At Sleep365, we promise to keep it simple and give you the choice you want with the ease you need.

Peace of Mind.

Buying a mattress should be as comfortable as the mattress itself. Our 90 day comfort guarantee and 10 year non-prorated warranty make purchasing a SLEEP365 mattress suuuuper comfy! Not like the day you decided to do acupuncture on yourself. Your decision to purchase a SLEEP365 mattress is one you won’t regret.

Handmade in California.

Catch some California vibes and chillax, dude! Your new SLEEP365 mattress was made on the west coast in the land of fruits and nuts so it’s crazy comfortable and deliciously healthy. Saweeet!