Finding the best mattress can be harder than it looks. Our delivery guy Carl has heard all the major questions and concerns people have. And now, he’s delivering answers. You’re welcome.


A lot of things may come to mind when you think about luxury. Spa days, fancy wine, extravagant getaways. But what should come to mind is a beautiful, comfortable mattress that helps you sleep better, so that every good night provides the luxury of a great day.


At Sleep365, we use the finest materials for all our high-quality, durable, beautifully luxurious mattresses. But we don’t stop there. We make sure we’re sourcing sustainable foams, wools, and organic cottons. Because great mattresses should be better for you and the environment.

Foamy Foams.

There are lots of mattresses out there that claim to be made with high-quality foam. But the types of foams mattress companies use are all over the map. So let’s explore the different types of foams used. See why Sleep365 uses only the highest density CertiPUR-US Serene Foam, and why you shouldn’t trust anything less.

Motion transfer.

So your old mattress jiggles when your partner wiggles. That’s what the mattress industry calls “motion transfer.” Get acquainted with what motion transfer means, why it matters, and how it factors into your search for a new mattress.


You say you’re buying a “new bed”… but that can mean a lot of different things. Car wants to know: are you looking for a new mattress, or a new frame, or the whole setup?

Learn the differences, and see where a luxurious Sleep365 mattress fits into your idea of a new bed.

There’s more help coming soon.

If Carl hasn’t answered your questions yet, he may soon. And when you’re ready to buy a mattress, we’re here to help.

Get a new, natural, luxury mattress.