Safe & Certified
 Non-Toxic Ingredients Safe & Certified
 Non-Toxic Ingredients

Safe & Certified
Non-Toxic Ingredients

SLEEP365 mattresses and bedding are made with luxury and quality in mind: Organic Latex, Wool and Cotton – natural materials that are sustainable for our planet and promote healthy sleep For Every Good Night.

Organic Latex

Latex rubber foam has been used in mattresses for about 100 years providing contouring support, maximum pressure relief and breathability. When compared to polyurethane memory foam, latex rubber foam is far and away more durable and resilient. It is not heat reactive either so it is totally consistent in comfort and won’t make you get hot the way memory foam can. Latex is super absorbent of motion as well. Latex is also naturally anti-microbial, mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant making it one of the cleanest and healthiest options for mattresses.

SLEEP365 uses only premium, certified organic latex foam from a single source in our mattresses for maximum quality,  purity and consistency. Organic latex foam is created from sap harvested from certified organic, sustainable rubber tree plantations. Rubber trees grow in tropical, equatorial regions around the globe. Organic farming disallows the use of GMOs and upholds natural cycles reducing environmental damage.

Organic latex is processed according to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). In addition to it’s environmental concerns, establishing standards for the use of organic raw material, GOLS also prioritizes human health and welfare through stringent pro-worker requirements.

Organic Latex Organic Latex

Organic Wool

For our mattress and bedding, SLEEP365 uses only the finest certified organic wool with no fillers or blends. Wool is recognized for its plushness, resiliency, and insulation properties - perfect for mattress and bedding applications.

Wool is known for its amazing ability to regulate and stabilize body temperature and wick away moisture for greater comfort and a more temperate sleeping environment

SLEEP365’s premium organic wool bedding including pillows, comforters and toppers is finely tailored in one of the longest running, family owned, micro-craft wool processing mills in the United States.

Organic Wool Organic Wool

Organic Cotton

Cotton is world renowned for its softness and durability. Cotton has been cultivated and used in textiles since prehistoric times.

Not only does cotton make some of the worlds best fabrics but it can be used as a long lasting, breathable filling as well.

Cotton is widely used in many consumer goods because it is hypoallergenic making it safe for use in almost any application.

Organic Cotton Organic Cotton

Individually Wrapped Coils

Individually wrapped coils reign supreme as far as mattress support mechanisms are concerned.

They have the ability to move independently allowing for greater articulation to the natural curves of your body for greater ergonomic support. Their independent nature reduces motion transfer so you sleep more soundly.

This type of coil unit is adjustable base compatible making it the all-around champion for modern hybrid mattresses.

Individually Wrapped Coils Individually Wrapped Coils


Bamboo is technically a grass growing up to four feet per day without the need for pesticides or fertilizers making it one of the world’s most renewable resources. Bamboo absorbs 5 times more polluting carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than average hardwood trees

Bamboo is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic making it a healthy and eco-friendly choice for bedding like our bamboo sheets, mattress pad, and comforters.

Bamboo products are luxuriously soft and smooth and excellent at temperature regulation.

Unlike many cheap bamboo products on the market made from viscose, the bamboo products that SLEEP365 sells are  produced without harmful chemicals and made from 100% bamboo Lyocell. Lyocell requires less energy to produce, is more environmentally friendly and safer for the workers who make it. Lyocell from bamboo is produced using an organic, easily filtered solvent in a closed loop process whereas viscose is produced using toxic solvents like carbon disulfide and lye in fresh batches creating a lot of polluted waste water and harmful exposure for workers. Lyocell from bamboo is also more biodegradable than viscose.

Bamboo Bamboo

Kapok Fiber

Kapok is a wonder fiber with a funny name. Kapok fiber comes from the seed pods of the grandly massive, tropical kapok tree. It is similar to cotton but about eight times lighter and is sometimes referred to as “silk cotton”.

Kapok fiber is also hollow and waterproof making it an excellent insulator and, in days gone by, a buoyant filler for life jackets.

SLEEP365 uses kapok in its Kapok Latex pillows because of it’s soft texture, airy lightness, and breathability.

Kapok Fiber Kapok Fiber

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