Warranty Details

The not-so-small print: Our 10 Year Non Pro Rated Warranty 

What’s covered? 

  • Permanent indentations in the top surface of your mattress that are deeper than 1”, which are not the result of abuse/misuse or lack of proper support. (Pssssst, almost all other mattress warranties specify indentations deeper than 1.5”, which is a whopping 50% more than we require).
  • Manufacturer defects – protruding or collapsed coils, tape edges tearing off, major defects in shape or dimension. 
  • Defects or malfunction of the zipper, which is not the result of abuse/misuse or lack of proper support. 

What counts as ‘proper support’? 

This is important for you to enjoy your mattress as intended – and to keep your warranty in effect. 

Our mattresses are made with some of the best, most durable materials available. This is why they are SOOOO good. But it is also means they can be heavy. That weight is a good indicator of quality but it does need to be supported correctly, especially once you are adding your body weight on top. So, make sure that your bed provides proper support to keep your warranty in force: 

  • For those using slatted platform beds/frames, these must have spacing no larger than 4” apart and slats must be flat, strong and rigid; NOT flexible or arched.
  • For those using Queen and King size beds, these must have at least (1) center support leg supporting your sleep system from the floor to the underside of your support system.

So, what’s not covered? 

The number one complaint people have about their new mattress is that they can see an imprint of where they slept, and that this has happened way sooner than they were expecting. 

Let’s be completely honest here. No mattress or topper is going to stay pristine forever. Normal wear and tear is to be expected. The new materials in your mattress or topper will settle immediately under your body weight and within the first few months of use your mattress or topper will conform to your unique body shape. This is a good thing! It actually makes your mattress way more ergonomic and comfortable for you as an individual. 

It also means that being able to see where you have slept on your mattress is not a defect and is not covered by our warranty. Or anyone else’s for that matter. 

Keep in mind that the following are not covered by our warranty: 

  • Normal settling of the mattress resulting in a unique body signature of 1” or less on the surface of the mattress.
  • Indentations of greater than 1” in the surface of the mattress which result from a lack of adequate support as defined above. 
  • Changes in personal comfort preference over time.
  • Naturally occurring aromas from new, natural raw materials (latex can have a scent similar to vanilla; cotton and wool can have sweet, natural odors – we think they’re rather lovely actually).
  • Allergies and/or sensitivities.
  • Discoloration of latex comfort layers over time.
  • Mold or mildew – as this is a result of your usage and/or your residential environment NOT the product itself and is not covered by this warranty.
  • Noise and/or squeaking of mattress components over time. 
  • Broken down edges as a result of sitting on the edge of the mattress.
  • Abuse/misuse resulting from but not limited to jumping, diving or flopping on the mattress, extreme flexion of the mattress beyond the mattresses’ capability – be kind to your mattress!
  • Damage resulting from failure to properly follow all care instructions.
  • Scuffs and discoloration, rips and tears in the fabric, pilling of fabric, stains, burns. (In fact, any stains on your mattress will void your warranty).
  • Slight imperfections or inconsistencies of the final tailoring and/or aesthetic appearance – as your mattress is hand crafted to order slight variances due to human nature can occur.
  • Slight variations in exact dimensions: upholstered products can vary up to ½” either way from the listed standard dimensions.


How to take care of your mattress or mattress topper

  1. Break your mattress or topper in gently… We recommend that you spin your mattress or topper head to toe every month for the first 6 months and then every 3-4 months after that. This will ensure the most even break-in and wear for your mattress, so you can enjoy this for a longer period of time. If only one person is sleeping on the mattress, we recommend sleeping in a different spot on the mattress every few days to ensure that you do not wear down one single area of the mattress. If you’re a couple, we encourage snuggling more often in the middle of the mattress for the most even wear over time.

  2. Mattresses are made for lying on, with your body weight distributed across the surface of the mattress. Seems obvious, huh? But this means that they do not like being jumped on, so no diving, flopping or using your bed as a trampoline, especially if you have your mattress set up lower to the ground. And don’t sit on the edge of your mattress for extended periods of time as this will place an undue amount of pressure in a single spot resulting in abnormal wear. Treat your mattress kindly and it will be kind to you in return!

  3. Your mattress needs to breathe. Ahhh…. Don’t place your mattress on a “solid” platform of any kind or directly on the floor as this will restrict air flow and may lead to mold/mildew growth on the outside of your mattress, which is not covered by this warranty.

  4. When it comes to cleaning your mattress, DO NOT saturate your mattress or topper with water and DO NOT attempt to clean your mattress or topper with or any soaps, solvents, or chemical cleaners as this may result in staining and damage to the raw materials of your mattress or topper. We recommend the use of a high quality mattress pad or protector (we have some lovely ones…) to help keep your mattress sanitary and minimize dust mites and other allergens from collecting on/in your mattress. But don’t forget to take it off and wash it regularly, you lazy bum! (Any stains on your mattress will void your warranty.)


Warranties for our branded mattress toppers, pillows and accessories

SLEEP365 Branded Mattress Toppers come with a 5 year non-prorated warranty with similar coverage and exclusions as our mattresses.

  • Wool toppers will settle by nature. Normal settling of your wool topper is not a defect and is not covered by this warranty. Regular fluffing and turning are required. It is also recommended to allow your topper to “air out” in the sun for a few hours on a regular basis to help it stay fresh and revitalize naturally.

SLEEP365 Branded Accessories (pillows and pillow protectors, sheets, mattress pads/protectors, comforters, duvet covers) come with a 1 year non-prorated warranty.

  • This warranty covers manufacturer defects in the product construction only.
  • Defects or malfunction of the zipper (if your product has one) which is not the result of abuse/misuse are covered.
  • Normal wear and tear from usage is not covered (pilling, discolorations/fading, stains, etc). 
  • Damage resulting from not properly following care instructions is not covered.
  • Damage resulting from abuse or misuse of the product (pillow fights, rips and tears, burns, straps, ties, buttons or other fasteners being torn off/out, etc) are not covered by this warranty. 
  • Fiber filled pillows will settle and densify by nature making them thinner and firmer over time; this is not a defect and is not covered by this warranty.
  • We recommend the use of a duvet cover with your comforter to help keep it clean and free from damage – any damage, or normal wear and tear (pilling, discoloration/fading, stains, etc) are not covered by this warranty. 
  • Slight imperfections or inconsistencies of the final tailoring and/or aesthetic appearance (fabric pattern or color, imperfect stitching or shape which does not inhibit the normal use and enjoyment of the product) are not covered.
  • Slight variations in exact dimensions are not covered; finished dimensions of soft goods can vary slightly from the listed standard dimensions and may vary slightly from one package to the next.

Any items purchased from SLEEP365 which are not SLEEP365 branded products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and you must file any claims directly with the manufacturer of that product.

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